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According to Forbes, Osaka is the representative of Tokyo for gambling. The casino operators from around the work believe that it is their favourite city in Japan for casinos and gambling. There are no other metropolitan cities which are even considered in the list of gambling hubs from around the world. So which places in Osaka can provide you with the best gambling experience in the world if you are a professional die-hard casino player.

Lucky 29

If you want to spend quality time having fun with your friends over casino games, this might just be the right place for your comfort and entertainment. Lucky 29, the most famous casino in Osaka. You do not have to know the games to play them as the friendly staff will you in learning a game while you enjoy their cuisines and beverages. As gambling money is illegal in Japan, Lucky 29 also does not support any illegal activities. However, you can still play all the games and have a good time with your friends without breaking your bank account. The customers often take the 3000 yen to drink all you can offer and spend a great evening playing and learning casino games and ethics as well as having a great time.

Osaka Casino
Pooljam Shinsaibashi

Pooljam is another famous amusement casino in Osaka, which is open for friends to hang out and have fun. The interiors and gameplays of the casino are inspired by the casinos in Las Vegas so that people do not have to travel to LA if they are not that serious about gambling but still wants to have an experience. You will be assisted by a hospitable staff for learning casino games from scratch, and you can also enjoy the delicious food and beverages that they serve. Even the people who come to this place are friendly and fun as everyone wants to have a good time.

Umeda Casino Bar

Umeda casino bar is a warm and entertaining place which has special tables for small and big groups to enjoy various casino games while they can eat at the same table. This makes the games so much more fun allows the customers to sit at one place without the need of switching places for eating and playing. If you are new to the casino games, a friendly staff member will be happy to assist you and teach you the rules. You can tip them if you like their service or not; they do not mind. While you are having a good time with your friends, make sure that you are only paying for the food and beverages. Sometimes people start playing for money after winning a few games. Always remember that gambling is illegal and if you get caught in any such activity, you can get kicked out of the casino as well have might have to deal with police later for penalties.


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